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Wild West Coast Adventure with SANParks

Quad biking, sand boarding, bird watching and delicious seafood are just some of the attractions of the West Coast outside of the flower season. This last weekend we got to experience a selection of these as guests of SANParks on  a weekend of discovery.

We all met up at the SANParks offices in Kirstenbosch gardens from where we were taken by the Green Cab to our base for the weekend, the West Coast National Park. As much as I like driving it was actually a pleasure to be driven and before we knew it we had arrived at the park which is just 120km  outside of Cape Town, perfect for a weekend away. There are several options of accommodation within the park and we stayed at the Duinepos Chalets nestled in amongst the natural fynbos.

After dropping our bags we went out for a quick tour of the park and to the lagoon for a swim as it was a very warm day despite the cloud that was blowing in off the Atlantic Ocean. While the West Coast National Park may not be able to boast the big five it is home to several of the smaller cats like the caracal and African Wildcat as well as several antelope such as springbok, eland, red hartebeest, bontebok and my favourite, kudu, which we were lucky enough to see.

Anyone who has visited Cape Town will know just how cold the Atlantic Ocean is.  Even in summer, the beaches are packed but there are very few people in the water. The Langebaan lagoon however is usually several degrees warmer making it a great destination for water lovers and some of our group took full advantage of this. continue reading and see 7 more photos

Huge waves on the rocks at Llandudno Beach

One of my favourite places to go is the end of the rocks on the left hand side of Llandudno Beach especially when there is a large swell running. As the waves crash against the rocks spray gets thrown 10s of metres into the air which is spectacular to watch. As I was driving home a couple of months ago I could see the large sets of swell rolling in so I grabbed my camera and went down onto the rocks to capture this to share with you.

spray being thrown up after a wave crashes on the rocks

When the sea is this wild it can be very dangerous at the end of these rocks. Several people have been washed off the rocks and some have even died. My dad and I once had a close call a few years back. We had been watching the waves down at eye level through a gap in the rocks and I asked “what do we do if a really big wave comes that reaches us; Do we run or stay put?” to which my dad replied – continue reading, see 4 more photos & a video>