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Hiking to the top of Elsie’s Peak for panoramic views

As you may or may not know I’ve been spending quite a lot of my time working on my photography recently and have started a new blog to showcase my best images so if you haven’t already go check them out at Rory Alexander Photography.

Anyway, on to this post, a hike which I did back in March.

Elsie’s Peak signboard

It was a public holiday and we had to work because of deadlines looming but instead of wasting the entire day we decided to go for a quick early morning hike and then start working. Needless to say it was well worth it with awesome views over continue reading + 6 more photos

Family, friends and birthdays

So it’s been a busy couple of weeks. We’ve had friends from America staying with us, the financial and tax year-end has come and gone not to mention the numerous family birthdays in the past couple of weeks including mine two weeks ago.  I’m not big on celebrating birthdays but it is a great excuse to catch up with friends and family and that’s what we did. Seeing as my uncle was visiting from Durban my mother organised to get together a whole lot of old Zimbabwe friends, including a few surprises, that now live in the Cape area together to celebrate his birthday. We moved all the furniture out of the lounge and set a table for 22.

a bird's-eye view of the dinner table set for 22

As I continue to enjoy photography I find it difficult to take pictures of people because I feel like I’m invading their space. Perhaps it’s because I don’t like having my own photo taken. I’m even more apprehensive in low-light conditions where you need to use a flash which makes taking a photo even more intrusive. So here are some photos from the evening, all of them taken without conitnue reading and see 9 more photos

In the Jump Seat – DVD Teaser

In December of last year I teamed up with Hilton Mundy, who founded ShortFinal.TV, to film a behind the scenes documentary called In the Jump Seat during the 2011 Ysterplaat Air Show incorporating Wings and Wheels right here in Cape Town. If you have ever wanted to fly, wondered how aerobatic teams prepare their displays, thought about how many crew it takes to pilot a helicopter or dreamt of breaking the sound barrier in a fighter jet then this DVD is for you!

Hilton and myself in the 22 Squadron hanger at Air Force Base Ysterplaat

In this video, filmed over four days at the Wings and Wheels Airshow at Air Force Base Ysterplaat in Cape Town, we follow three pilots from their pre-flight briefings to post-flight analysis. With all-access passes and exclusive interviews, we bring you some never before seen footage of these pilots and their aircraft in action.

The pilots we followed were continue reading and watch DVD trailer

Christmas morning timelapse

Ever since I bought my first DSLR camera earlier this year I have been wanting to try time-lapse photography and it struck me that Christmas morning could be a fun scene to capture. Christmas this year was special for several reasons:

– It’s my first Christmas at home for three years as I have been living in China for the last two,

– It’s the first time my sister has hosted Christmas Eve dinner for the whole family,

– It’s also the first Christmas that my nephew, William, at 18 months has been old enough to sort of know what’s going on,

– And the first Christmas in my sister and brother-in-laws new house.

So I set up my Canon 550D in the corner of the room and set the remote interval timer to take a picture every four seconds while we sat in the lounge opening all our presents. Now you can sit back and enjoy the action that took place over two hours earlier today in this short 90 second video.

Merry Christmas!