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My Lion’s Head Resolution

Lions Head hike

For the last two years friends and I have started the year off with a hike or two on the numerous mountain peaks that surround us in Cape Town. While enjoying ourselves on these hikes we’ve all been guilty of saying that we really should do it more often given the proximity and access to great hiking trails we have in our very own city. Then work starts getting busier, our social calendars get booked up and inevitably the hikes become fewer and further apart until it’s the end of the year again and as everyone gets bored os sitting on the beach we end up hiking again. Well not this year, 2014 is going to be different.

Lions Head hike

A friend from gym said they wanted to start a weekly climb up Lion’s Head on a Wednesday evening and of course I was in but the first week it clashed with one of the Summer Trail Series runs and was one of the hottest days of the summer but I had made the resolution and climbed up anyway. The second week however there were a group of us that made it and what a great evening it was for a climb to the top. Starting at 6:oopm we were half way up as the shadow of Lion’s Head was slowly creeping towards the foreshore but my favourite view on the way up is continue reading + 7 more photos

Weekend away at Olifantsbos Cottage

Last weekend for my dad’s birthday we decided to go away as a family but long car journeys aren’t that desirable an option with two young nephews. Looking closer to home I suggested we try one of the SANParks cottages in the Cape of Good Hope section of Table Mountain National Park, better known as Cape Point. Luckily for us at relatively short notice there was availability and plenty of beds for our whole family and a few friends.

Olifantsbos Cottage

As the weekend neared the weather forecast wasn’t the best but nothing a fireplace and several bags of wood couldn’t fix. The rest of the family all went out on the Friday and I joined them on the Saturday. After lunch and an afternoon nap, there was a break in the rain and so continue reading + 13 more photos

Huge waves on the rocks at Llandudno Beach

One of my favourite places to go is the end of the rocks on the left hand side of Llandudno Beach especially when there is a large swell running. As the waves crash against the rocks spray gets thrown 10s of metres into the air which is spectacular to watch. As I was driving home a couple of months ago I could see the large sets of swell rolling in so I grabbed my camera and went down onto the rocks to capture this to share with you.

spray being thrown up after a wave crashes on the rocks

When the sea is this wild it can be very dangerous at the end of these rocks. Several people have been washed off the rocks and some have even died. My dad and I once had a close call a few years back. We had been watching the waves down at eye level through a gap in the rocks and I asked “what do we do if a really big wave comes that reaches us; Do we run or stay put?” to which my dad replied – continue reading, see 4 more photos & a video>