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Flying over Langebaan Lagoon

Last week I was lucky enough to go flying again with my mate Hilton Mundy, this time in a Sling 2 light sport aircraft. We had planned to fly around Cape Point for me to take some pictures but the infamous south-easterly was howling across around the peninsula so we discussed some alternate routes and decided to head up the coast to Yzerfontein and West Coast National Park and then come back along the beach.

Pre flight checks on the Sling 2 lsa

It was a perfect morning for flying at Morningstar airfield, just as the sun was peeking over the trees we pulled the aircraft out of the hangar, did the preflight checks and we were all set. There was no one else around as we taxied to the start of runway two zero, waited for the oil temp to reach normal and made our final radio call before takeoff.

As soon as Hilton had finished the after take-off checks and established straight & level flight he handed over controls and we set off towards Delta 200 and then on towards Yzerfontein. Despite having taken my camera along with the intention of taking pictures I ended up doing most of the flying but I didn’t mind. I had done several hours of a PPL several years ago and it all came back very quickly. The Sling is also a remarkable stable aircraft to fly. We made good time to Yzerfontein so carried on towards Langebaan lagoon and the West Coast National Park at which point I handed back the controls and picked up my camera.

Flying over Langebaan Lagoon

I have visited West Coast National Park many times but seeing it from the air was incredible. It was a completely different perspective and the patterns in the grass at the top of the lagoon made for some really interesting photography.

Sling flight-6783 Sling flight-6789 aerial view of langebaan lagoon

After a couple of 360 turns overhead the lagoon and Geelbek Restaurant we straightened out and headed towards the coast.

langebaan lagoon from the air

Along the way passing over the popular holiday destination of Churchhaven.


Once over 16 mile beach we decided to go do a quick turn over the shipwreck of the “Pantalis a Lemos” which isn’t all that accessible by land but was clearly visible from the air on this perfect morning.

Sling flight-6806 Pantalis a Lemos shipwreck

Time to make our way back we descended and followed the beach, flying low-level back towards Cape Town. It was am absolutely stunning morning and the experience of flying low with crashing waves on the right and beach on the left was magical. Add to that the sight of the iconic Table Mountain as our marker on the horizon it really made me consider taking up flying again and finishing my license. Wouldn’t you with views like this?

Sling flight-6821 Sling flight-6823 flying along the coast towards Cape Town

On the way back to Morningstar I even did some of the radio calls before handing back controls for the landing giving me a chance to snap one last picture before we landed.

2 responses

  1. what a ride..

    December 27, 2013 at 2:13 pm

  2. Gorgeous images! What a lovely flight.

    December 29, 2013 at 6:45 am

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