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Weekend away at Olifantsbos Cottage

Last weekend for my dad’s birthday we decided to go away as a family but long car journeys aren’t that desirable an option with two young nephews. Looking closer to home I suggested we try one of the SANParks cottages in the Cape of Good Hope section of Table Mountain National Park, better known as Cape Point. Luckily for us at relatively short notice there was availability and plenty of beds for our whole family and a few friends.

Olifantsbos Cottage

As the weekend neared the weather forecast wasn’t the best but nothing a fireplace and several bags of wood couldn’t fix. The rest of the family all went out on the Friday and I joined them on the Saturday. After lunch and an afternoon nap, there was a break in the rain and so we wrapped ourselves up to take a walk on the beach

Baby in rucksack walk on beach

friends walking along winter beach

We didn’t get far along the beach before another squall blew in and so we headed back to the safety of the cottage for some birthday cake and lots of surprise when we lit the sparkler on the cake.

child surprised by birthday cake candle

When the weather cleared again later on I went out again to photograph some of the large Portuguese man o’war or bluebottles that had been washed up onto the beach by the large seas.

blue bottle jellyfish on beach

This is the main cottage, set just back from the beach, with three bedrooms that can sleep six people and an extra outside annex that can sleep a further six.

Olifantsbos Cottage

The next day the clouds started to break up and the sun shone through so after breakfast we mounted an expedition to make it to the shipwreck of the Thomas T. Tucker just along the coast from the cottage. Along the way we discovered this large whale bone on the beach that made a wonderful jungle gym for my nephews and a great photography prop for me.

child sitting on whale bone

The smiles say it all.

child playing on whale bone on the beach

baby smiling holding onto whale bone

King of his sand island

Child on beach

Back from our walk we all just parked off on the deck soaking up the warmth of the sunshine as we waited for family friends to join us for lunch.

family and friends sitting in the sun

The joy of staying over in the park is that everyone else has to be out by sunset and you feel like you have the place to yourself as we took sundowners onto the deck and enjoyed the last rays of sun.

children silhouette at sunset

young child walking on beach at sunset

It may only have been a couple of nights and it was just around the corner from where we live and work everyday but the weekend we spent at Cape Point felt like a full on holiday.

friends on wooden deck

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  2. I feel like I just went on holiday, watching yours. What a beautiful place to spend time together!

    August 23, 2013 at 11:38 pm

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