My experiences living in Cape Town and travelling in Africa

Arriving at Agulhas National Park

In the continuation of series of weekends away with SANParks our group was reunited on Signal Hill where we loaded up the trailer and started out on our journey to Agulhas National Park.

Rory Alexander Photography

April in the Cape can be a bit of a gamble weather wise, it’s either cold and wet or it’s warm and sunny. As you can see it was absolutely stunning as we left Cape Town and just three hours later we arrived at Lagoon House, where some of us stayed whilst others were in the Rest Camp. The location of Lagoon House is spectacular; it is at the end of a promontory and you are treated to sea views whether you look left, right or straight out in front. A magic spot indeed.

Rory Alexander Photography

We had arrived just in time for sunset and I don’t know what it is about the sunsets from Agulhas but they are always something to behold.

Rory Alexander Photography

Sitting on the verandah, enjoying the changing light on the clouds as the sun sank towards the Atlantic Ocean we were told a little more about the history of Agulhas and the park. It has approximately 2000 species of indigenous plants including 100 which are endemic to the area. The area has a rich cultural heritage with the discovery of stone hearths and pottery, together with shell middens, linking the archaeological deposits with the era of Khoisan migration and settlements. There are also the many shipwrecks of early explorers along this treacherous coastline.

Rory Alexander Photography

We took a quick break from the history lesson to just admire the sunset.

Rory Alexander Photography

After the sun had set it was time for a private wine tasting  with Jean-Pierre of JD Wines. Jean-Pierre Daneel has been involved in farming and wine for most of his life having harvested in Germany, France, Constantia and Stellenbosch. He is now the winemaker of this  family wine farm and boutique winery in Napier.

Rory Alexander Photography

JP makes all of the wines himself and it shows with his in-depth knowledge of each varietal. He also kept us entertained with anecdotes from the farm and his experiences making wine all around the world. I’m not a wine guru by any standards but I know what tastes good and so do yourself a favour and look for the JD signature in a good wine store. Or even better, the next time you pass through Napier stop by the cellar and taste it for yourself.

Rory Alexander Photography

We all enjoyed JP’s stories so much that we convinced him to stay for dinner to tell us more while we each enjoyed our favourite wine; mine was the Signature Red Blend.

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