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Flying over Mossel Bay

A couple of weekends ago Hilton Mundyand I drove up to Mossel Bay to cover the PetroSA Cape Regional Aerobatic Competition 2012. The weather didn’t exactly play nice for the practice day on the Friday with pilots waiting in Oudtshoorn for the clouds to lift so they could sneak over the mountains which they eventually did. On Saturday the sun rose to reveal clear skies and the competition was on!

The rest of the competitors flew in from Cape Town and Stellenbosch that morning. There may have been clear skies but there was also a strong wind blowing which made some of the pilots anxious to compete but by mid-morning the wind had changed and after a short briefing the action all started. After very little action the day before we were busy the whole day filming the aerobatic displays and all the action on the ground but I did get a chance to go up with the competition director, Hans Potgeiter, of Mossel Bay Aero Club in his Cessna 337, which is a rather unusual looking aircraft.

It wasn’t just a joyride as he had taken the seats out of the back so I could move around and get some aerial shots of the airfield and Mossel Bay. The wind made it rather bumpy in flight and looking through a viewfinder the whole time made me start to feel a little airsick but it was still awesome.

Hilton Mundy has sifted through the hours of footage we took and edited together this 7 minute video that gives you a great sense of what the competition involved, how the pilots are judged, some awesome onboard footage and who won at the end of the day.

If you’re an aviation enthusiast or just like flying then 

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