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Enjoying what St James has to offer

On the 2nd January I packed a few bags, my wetsuit and moved to St James where I was going to be house sitting for friends of mine who were on holiday in Thailand. Working freelance I hadn’t really had much of a holiday since getting back from China as I had to take work when it came up so I treated this week like my own holiday. It was like a summer beach holiday with perfect weather most of the time. I was greeted with this view every morning.

Panorama of sunrise over False Bay viewed from St James

So all I had to do was open the curtains to  check the surf conditions and for the first 4 days it couldn’t have been better with regular swells and no wind. A friend of mine had been trying to get me to go longboard surfing and staying so close to Muizenburg I couldn’t really say no. Suffice to say the very first day we paddled out, after renting boards from the Surf Shack, I managed to stand up on the 10’2″ board and actually ride a wave all the way into the beach, I was sold. We ended up going back 3 days in a row for about 2 hours each time. The water was also so warm, compared to the atlantic side of Cape Town, you almost didn’t need a wetsuit. So much fun! The only negative is that I was too busy enjoying the surf that I never got round to taking my camera down to get some pictures of the action and believe me there were some spectacular falls.

One of my duties while house sitting was to look after these two dogs which, apart from their complicated mealtime medication routine, was a pleasure. They are so well-behaved and a joy to walk on leads unlike the dogs we used to have in Zimbabwe who used to run wild. On my second day though Tana didn’t want to eat, and again on the third day which started to worry me. She didn’t look malnourished but she wasn’t touching her food. Rather safe than sorry I took her off to the vet who couldn’t find anything wrong and concluded that she was probably just pining after her owners, shame.

Tana the Boxer

Manna the Labrador

As well as the great weather for surfing I also went for a hike up behind St James, an area that I hadn’t hiked before, through Echo Valley that is home to a Yellowwood and Melkhout forest. There were also some spectacular sunsets which I played around with in Photoshop.

HDR of the sunset over False Bay

HDR image of a fishing boat in Kalk Bay Harbour

So it was like a summer holiday without going on holiday. Surfing, braais, hiking, dog walks, harbour visits, fish n chip lunches and sunsets, that’s what St James had to offer.


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  1. EL

    Stunning shots Rory!

    January 29, 2012 at 3:50 am

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